​Have you ever woken up at night and felt you could not move your body? At this point, you desperately try to scream but you can not do it. The sensation is that an invisible force immobilizes your movements and suffocates your voice. You even imagine that a spirit has dominated you.

You need to know that these moments of terror and agony happen due to your lack of knowledge about this subject. With the content revealed in this book you will have the tools to go through this experience without any risk. You will have access to information that has been hidden for a long time and that will help you to understand more about the projection of consciousness.

Transit through the incredible out-of-body universe. You will transform your life.


​is a spiritualist researcher, extraphysical projector, lecturer, consultant in the magazine Revista UFO and collaborator in magazines such as Sexto Sentido, Espiritismo e Ciência, Revista Cristã de Espiritismo, Caminho Espiritual e Consciência Desperta. He is the author of 12 books that addresses topics such as the extraphysical projection and spiritual themes. He is also a columnist in the portal "Somos Todos Um"  (www.somostodosum.com.br), the website of the Projectiology and Bioenergetics Research Institute (www.ippb.org.br)  among others.  Since August 1999, he has presented the program "Spiritual Journey, at São Paulo World Radio-95.7 FM (www.radiomundial.com.br).